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The best accounting software for managing small and medium companies, shops and commercial activities

The best accounting software for managing small and medium companies, shops and commercial activities.

Are you the owner of a company, organization or business and looking for the best accounting software to manage your business?

Are you a store or commercial store owner and are looking for an accounting program for stores, an Arabic accounting program, or an online account program?

The most important features of the accounting and sales program of Abu Raghad for design and programming:

- Best Accounting Software for Small Businesses:

The accounting and sales program is one of the best accounting programs, thanks to God first, and then to the testimony of many of our customers who use the system so far, and thanks to God Almighty, the system has been worked on inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman.

- Accounts program for shops:

The accounting and sales system supports shops and commercial activities where it is possible to add products in stock and know sales, income and those in stock with full reports.

- Arabic open source accounting software:

Where it can be modified according to the customer's desire and because we believe in the differences between customers, we can modify the system according to the customer's desire to serve his business.

- Online accounting software:

The system works online and can be managed easily and simply through a web browser, whether from a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Online points of sale can be created for external cars.

- Accounts and warehousing program:

The accounting program is based on complete inventory management in terms of adding products in stock with the purchase price and selling price and alerts of shortages from the store. The increase in inventory is done automatically through purchase invoices and suppliers. The shortage of inventory is automatically done when a sale is made. Inventory reports can be viewed in all its details.

 - Integrated accounting system:

Our program (Accounting and Sales Program) is one of the best integrated accounting systems that provide an integrated service to our clients in managing income, customers, invoices, inventory, expenses and sales with full reports.

- Human Resource Management System:

In our accounting program, there is a full section for human resources management in terms of adding employees and contracting with them and disbursing salaries, incentives, allowances, discounts and vacations with a special page for each employee that can be accessed to view all his details. 

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